When it comes to running my goal is to run with little to no ads. I do plan to run a couple of ads that are built into every page but nothing like google ads. I have 4 ads that run on the right side of the page or bottom of the mobile page. The banner ad my get turned on at some point but that’s still in the air if I do.

You can contact me on discord @ to run a small ad.

Now with the maybe 200 people that I drive to my site so far a month, it is not much at all. but as that number week by week keeps growing more people will see the ads or maybe want to show support other ways.

Without running ads, my site will run free of charge or out of pocket per say. This is the great reason that I have looked and found other places to post my blog post to and help drive people over to the blog. From posting on the smoke blockchain to posting on publish0x to earn tips.


This is one that I think everyone can like and enjoy. from the easy sign up to the free tips. Everyone likes to read posts and blogs and publish0x does this in a great way. When it comes to tips publish0x is the easiest way to do it without the need of spending more than a couple of mins on the article.

You can come to share your support by reading. At the end, you send a free tip. This tip can range from a cent or 2 but this will all add up. The other thing is you will also earn a small tip for coming and reading the article.

the most common way to earn a tip is the bat token. You will find out more about bat token and the brave browser after reading them two links. Brave sets out to help keep your data private.

with publish0x I also upload the post after 7 days.

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