Mail Order Marijuana – Cannabis in the Mail

How do you order your cannabis? Do you order in the mail, go to a dispensary(club) or are you one the unlucky ones that still have to hide the way you order your cannabis? the lucky thing about here where I live you don’t really need to hide that you consume. The way you buy is still something that sucks as LP(license Producers) is quite overpriced. therefore it is more worth going to the Mail Order Marijuana. Cannabis more potent for the value.

for the last while, I have been going to local places and I am not 100% sure why I stopped using Mail Order marijuana places. Well with all local places closed it was never a better time now to start buying from them again.

Legit Sources

I also do my own research when it comes to buying online. With it being around a year that I have bought online I have to do A LOT of research. with bookmarking CanadianMoM Forum. I also use this spreadsheet from when I use to order online. I was able to have three places to reference. that way I can see who was still around and some of the new ones.

The first place that I was using is a forum called CanadianMoM Forum. This has some great information on the established MoMs and the newest MoMs. You can also find some reviews to see what ones may be good to order from. The second place that I reference was is a google spreadsheet. it has some of the most useful information from established MoMs to not trusted ones. You will also find a supply list but the main use is the established and new MoMs. The third thing is also a great place to hang out and chill. That’s the … Discord. you can find some of the MoMs and ask some great questions. you will also find some #nugporn and reviews.

with that, I am not starting my own series for Mail Order marijuana unboxing and reviews. With this, I will be able to show off some of the cannabis that I purchase. You will find cannabis reviews more regular.

The goal is to become a place for you to reviews strains and places you may find them strains. This is handy for people that prefer that strain for the effects.

Mail Order Stores