Cannabis Community Discord

Cannabis Community Have you been looking for a place to share your cannabis content? I have set-up the Cannabis Grows & Strain Reviews community. This community is being made to help support all the questions that come up all the time.

When you come to join the community you will be greeted by the welcome bot. You can head on over the #stoners-lounge. We will all be chatting about the awesome grows. I mean feel free to just come shot the shit about anything.

Roles & Level Rewards

Cannabis Community Discord Server Levels

You want to earn some extra levels just come chat and you will be sure to get your way up to the king dabber. Who knows when we get someone past level 20 I will have to get some new roles.

When you join the server be sure to Dm me Skybuds for your role to be set. If you are joining from:

Weedcash, Steem, Weedtube, Youtube, LBRY, Canna-Curate. You will have your First role set and on the way to earning them Level up rewards.

You can enjoy some awesome music and make requests at the 420 concert at any time. This will change as we get more members to only some people.

You will always be able to share your steem,weedcash, smoke, weedtube, youtube, lbry content. Also what I really like is some them personal blog post much like this one.

With the making of the cannabis community on discord the plans to make a Facebook group, Steem Community as well as some other community places. I am never a fan of places like Facebook, I am a fan of communities and what they bring to people tho. So my plan to make the Facebook group is mostly a gateway to the steem and discord community.

You can join this link and come chill with us in cannabis grows & reviews, This post will be updated as new groups and communities are created.

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