Who are skyline buds you may ask? Well, skyline buds started off as just your avg cannabis smoker and connoisseur. I started to smoke the green sticky stuff when I was around 11 but not an everyday stoner like I am now just a kid that burned after school on an odd day.

Let’s skip all the boring crap about me becoming a full-time stoner and on the interesting part about me learning the benefits to the cannabis plant.

I started to really know the benefits to the cannabis plant when It used to really help my mom with all kinds of pain but mostly rheumatoid arthritis in her feet. The Dr, of course, wanted my mom to be on all the pills that “help” with the pain. As I grew older I started to notice that my mom smoked she was in far less pain when she was smoking cannabis.

Lemon Pie cannabis flower

The Dr, of course, wanted my mom to be on all the pills that “help” with the pain

As I started to age I started to not smoke cannabis as much for the recreational reason and more for the health benefits like pain, anxiety.

I have a stomach problem called h-pylori that is a stomach bacteria that cause me to not want to eat from the loss of appetite. Cannabis has become a major help in this so I have decided that I will now be growing my own cannabis plants and that is what this blog will be 99% about.


I will be sharing the odd review of strains or equipment. You can also come and join my blog for growing tips and logs as well as other cannabis information. As a side note, I will be sharing with you all the places you can use to help monetize your content and share it with some awesome cannabis people.

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